20. Oktober 2010

Curse you, carpet monster

Two (actually not) funny things happened today.

First, a painted wheel (sand, black) fell down from my desk. I have a dark carpet and I thought that I would find this piece as usally, but... nothing. I searched almost one hour and there is not much space to hide.
But gone, maybe for an visit to the twilight zone.

How can a sandcolored piece disappear on this carpet?
After that I continued the work on my actual project. The rest of the construction went without problems and I started to spray it, this went without bigger problems, too.
Then I wanted to clean my airbrush gun. I do this normally at a sink, and so I did it today. I dismantled the gun and then I heard a sound like "PLINK", I saw that the filter was NOT in the drain and the screw that holds the needle wasn't attached at the gun.
OK, I had to get my toolbelt, I don't have one but it sounds better, and to take apart the drainage, not a too big job but the screw that holds sink and tube together broke. And guess what I found, a missing part of my airgun. And a lot of dirty water.

Now I have to get to the local hardware, and it's raining like heck. At least the spraygun is complete and the sink too (in 2 hours!?!).


GReg hat gesagt…

Ah! the joys of modeling


Captain hat gesagt…

The wheel is still lost, but at least the sink is proof of leaks.

Warren Zoell hat gesagt…

I've been there. I feel your pain.