19. November 2010

Back from the dead - here are the dead

I did no ww2 modeling in the last few weeks except for some 1:76 kits (pics will be shown on the weekend),because I am concentrating on finishing my Undead army. There is still a lot to finish but I hope that my mate Olli and I can start a first game this year. (to be honest I don't think so).
We will play the Warhammer 5th edition or maybe the fourth edition, Olli has still his mid 90ies dwarf army and can play both editions with his army book. For the undead that I play I can have two different armies depending on which edition we play. 
But all of this a big work in progress, there are a lot of minis to paint, a lot of words have to be read und understood before.
And we will test the new Mantic* tabletop "Kings of war", I am sure I will get a rulebook in the next time.
(*: Hey, if you have some Mantic points you don't want to use, I want them)

Here are now the first elements of my undead. They will be a mix of Mantic figures and old GW minis, I like the old GW minis more then their actual style. 
The first picture shows, what I already finished, two regiments of skeleton warriors, bats and 2 heroes. The undead horse is a conversion of a claymore Saga horse and a skeleton horse, I think it is acceptable.
Only the bases of the troops need some more details, at the moment I think they look really boring.

The next step is to finish my Mantic Zombies, I already glued them and painted their skin, but there is a lot of painting and detailing before they are finished.
I mixed the Zombie parts with the parts of the Mantic Gouls to get a wider variety of poses but my Zombies and Ghouls now look a little similar. I had to visit a supermarket and ask for some bottlecaps, I did not had enough.

Before I finish the Zombies I will paint my first wolfes, they are crude mutants made from Clyamore Saga wolfes, skeleton horses, metal wolf heads and milliput but the will get their own post in this blog.

 The last pictures will show my eternal enemy, all these dwarfs were painted arround 1995, at this time my mate Olli did not know washs and drybrushing, he will repaint some parts of them when he gets the time for it.

Finally a last question. Aren't we the undead ? I mean undead means not dead or am I wrong ?


Paul´s Bods hat gesagt…

great looking undead army :-)
I stick my bods to bottle tops as well for painting, How are you holding the bods to the bottle tops ?

Captain hat gesagt…

Hi Paul,
I use PVA(white)glue for this, after some tries tjis is the best alternative I found because you can remove it without any traces.
Have a nice weekend,

Paul´s Bods hat gesagt…

White glue..?? Not a bad idea. I use the wax from baby bell cheeses...the cheese tastes a bit plasic like but the wax can be used hundreds of times.
Schönes Wochenende

GEM Team hat gesagt…

the undead are lookung very sharp, congrats