23. März 2018

Unboxing the Undead
Part II

 Continuing the unboxing of the undead. In this post I will show all heroes and special infantrists of my undead army.

A vampire count and his undead minions. The vampire was unarmed and got a warhammer and a shield from the bitsbox. These metal figures were made by West Wind Productions.

The first figure may be an elf or somthing like that but I liked its look that's why I painted it as a vampire. The originial sword was replaced to make it matching with my revenant unit also equipped with twohanded swords.
The figure in the center is an old Citadel figure if I remember correctly. He got equipped with a sword and a standart pole.
On the right side you see a classic Games Workshop vampire count which is the only figure of the whole undead army I did not paint by myself.

Two ghosts and a banshee. I have no idea who made the ghosts but at least I know the banshee was made by Games Workshop. I had to choose from three different banshees which one to paint and I preferred this pose.

Two variations of a Necrarch vampire made by Games Workshop. The undead Pegasus may come from Grenadier Miniatures but I am unsure about that. There are some more unpainted Necrarch somewhere in my stash that need to get painted one day.

Two metal sorceresses from unknown manufacturers. The figure in the center is from the "Bones" range of Reaper Miniatures. This were the only necromancers I painted, even when there are some more in my stash.

This picture shows a Strigoi vampire and an old Necrarch vampire, both made by Games Workshop. The Necrarch had no right hand when I got it, I took a sabre from an old goblin figure to compensate this.

First a Games Workshop Dragontemplar vampire followed by the Red Duke (?) also made by Games Workshop. The figure on the right is a conversion of a Claymore Saga knight, his horse got a metal head from the bitsbox.

This last picture shown my stash of unpainted undead miniatures. As you can see, there are lot of figures to paint but at the moment I am not in the mood for painting fantasy miniatures.

19. März 2018

Unboxing the Undead
Part I

This weekend I took some time to take pictures of my undead army. It started with this small army and got bigger. The figures were painted 5 to 6 years ago and then stored in a box and never got touched since then.

The box and its content, there was almost no dust and only a couple of miniatures needed some glue to fix broken parts.
This are so many minis that it seems like I have to split this post into two parts. In this posts only the regiments and groups will be shown, hero and character models will get their seperate post which may come today.

Old Games Workshop second generation plastic skeletons. Then we have some metal bats and ghosts with no big modifications. The dead dwarf on the third picture is from a Mantic dwarf set.


A regiment of Ghouls made by Mantic with an old GW ghoul in the front row. Followed by two units of zombies who are are mix ox Mantic zombies and ghouls, Zvezda zombies and some other minis, there is even a nazizombie. Some Renedra gravestones and a scenic base frome Basex Of War are used as fillers.
The last picture shows three undead balefire catapults from Mantic with some Mantic and a couple of old Citadel (?) figures.

More miniatures from Mantic. First a regiment of  undead revenants.
Next is another unit of  undead revenants with modifications. I removed the old arms and built new arms using skeleton parts from the bits box and the swords of GW Imperial troops, followed by a small unit of crossbows. The figures in the center and left of it are built from spareparts, the other three are made of metal.
On the last picture you see a undead cavallery unit by Russian producer Zvezda's "Ring of Rule" range. These figures have Roman style armours. They got new lances and some of them got new heads.

More minis by Games Workshop. This time a group of undead wolves, some are Claymore Saga (?) wolves with undead wolves metal heads.
Next is a regiment of undead spearmen. These are a mix of first and second generation plastic skeletons mixed with other minis, some of them metal. The giant in the regiment is a metal figure, too.
Then comes the undead black coach. I changed the skeleton horses for undead wolves to give it a more dynamic look. The coffin is unpainted and stored in the spare box.

I have another of these black coaches that will get painted in a different style when I am in the mood for it. Seems like I could make a second extrapost in which I could show the unpainted undead troops that are waiting for painting.

I have no idea which manufactures´these flying units come from. They are made from metal and their bases were removed. Then they got new flying bases.
On the first of the two pictures there are also some Mantic skeleton dogs.

Last but not least comes my favorite regiment of undead swordmen. These minis are made by Mantic except for the champion in the center. Some of them got katanas instead of their normal swords, I think I will do this with the rest of them too.

In the next post I will give you a look at the champions and characters of this army.

16. März 2018

Schickt mehr Zombies!
more 28mm Nazizombies

Last weekend I painted the second batch of nazizombies. I have still no use for them but who cares, at least I painted some miniatures. The colors I used were the same that I used for the minis from this post.

These 5 Zombies came from East Riding miniatures. They are made from metal. In my view there are two Germans and 3 Soviets, one of them is a tank crew member.

More Studio Miniatures plastic nazizombies except for the officer, who also came from Studio Miniatures but was made from metal.

All painted nazizombies in one picture. I do not think they are enough for a fast skirmish game, but in case of emergency I have a big bunch of Mantic Zombies (50+) painted and ready for action.
And there is a whole undead army, painted and based, this little troop growed, but they are stored in a box for at least 5 years.
I think I should make the next post about my undead troops, at the moment only a bunch of friends have seen them.

The last picture shows the other www2 minis I painted last weekend. First, another shot of the Studio Miniatures nazi officer. The second miniature came from East Riding Miniatures if I remember correctly.
The next mini is a nazivampire officer made by Bolt Action Miniatures (now Warlord Games), followed by a figure from the set "Ilsa and the She-Wolves" made by Pulp Figures.

As you can see on the last picture I am still not skilled enough or again (LOL) to paint the eyes of the minis, the second mini has some Theo Waigelish eyebrows, and there are some spots that miss some paint or wash but at the moment I am happy with them but be sure, when I get better with these fine details I will repaint some parts.
I noticed that I am painting miniatures faster then before but in the same quality.
This is great.

So be exited for my next post where I will show my undead army that did not see sunlight for years and never got into any game.
Such a shame.

13. März 2018

Tactica 2018
Pictures (3)
and links

The final batch of pictures that I made at the Tactica 2018. Too sad that I did not get much better pictures, seems like I have to read the manual of my camera to get better results.

The only pictures I made of this great "Masters Of The Universe" gaming table. Check this blog for more pictures of the miniatures.

 The gaming table for "Aggro 70s Football Skirmish". The guy who made the game demos has a facebook group where you can find a lot of informations, pictures and ressources of the game.

I bought a copy of the ruleset and the matching miniatures and will write some lines about it when the miniatures and some scenery pieces are done.

That are all good pictures I made. But as you know I was not the only one wo made pictures. The guys of Magabotato have two galleries full of great pictures:



And then there is another great collection of pictures at flickr:


Last but not least I would like to the video the guys of the Tabletop Gorillas made:


5. März 2018

Upcoming releases for
Tanks by Galeforce 9

The Galeforce 9 website lists the upcoming Tanks units for the first half of this year. A big surprise is the addition of a new nation, the Italians are coming.
As I understood, they will not be playable as solo force but the can be added as allies for the Germans.

The following stuff will be available in the first half of this year:

I am looking forward to the upcoming releases and can not wait to add some priest tanks to my British tankforce.

More informations can be found on the official Tanks website.