26. Juni 2018

Faces of war (4)

Some more pictures my grandfather made while he was taking part in the African campain during ww2. I even did not went too school, when my he died, so I never had the chance to ask him about that time. It would have been very interesting what his story was.

I don't know if I wrote that before, but the pictures were hidden for some decades in a desk until my grandmother died and we cleaned her house.

Her wartime stories were very intense. When she told me about the struggle in the last days of the war to get from the region arround Munic, where she had to build planes for the regime, to her home in the region of Eiderstedt, I felt that some dark memories came back to daylight.

Seems like the last picture got lighted(exposed?) twice.
I am still not able to say where all these pictures were made except for the fact that the war happended in Northern Africa. I would have to get a map of Europe and the northern part of the African continent, then I could use the distances from this picture, draw some circles, and have a rough spot, where this signpost was standing. If I am not wrong this is called triangulation (?).

There are some pictures of monuments and special places, maybe one day I will identify some of the locations like this:

...by the way, I finished three more Amera ruins, there is only one ruin left to rework. This will be a bigger task, since it will be a mission related building and has to get additional rooms and structures.

In one of the earlier posts I wrote that I was almost finished with the figures. No, I am not.
The plan is first to play a small map with two minis per player, a fighter and a technician, to get them understand the basic rules. It will be a dungeon escape with different exits, these minis are painted and ready.

After the escape, and a pause, the several teams will unite with some squads, and then the "cooperative" game ends. From then, each player has to reach its goal on the streets of Sassnitz.
Squads for three players are finished but there are three more groups to do, roughly about 20 minis, today I started one of them, on the bench are the Siberian veterans on which I too a closer at some weeks before.

You are not allowed to copy or use this pictures without my written permission. Leave a comment in the newest posting in this blog if you want to use this pictures, and I will anwer you as soon as possible.

18. Juni 2018

Reworking my old
28mm Amera ruins

Some weeks ago I started to rework my Amera ruins, which I built some years ago. I was never really satisfied by the results of the paintjob I did that time.
The British manufacturer Amera Mouldings offers vacformed polystyrene ruins and other stuff in different scales for a fair price, but the building is tricky, once you got it built you would have to reinforce the parts because the whole construction offerered various weaknesses. And the parts lack of fine details, maybe that is the reason for the pricing.

This is (almost) how the ruin looked before I spent some work on it. First I painted the walls with a random green tone. I have no picture of the original color of the wall, but it was like it was on the other two ruins in this post.

I added some edges which got sanded I also added some pieces of cork. Then I glued sand on some of the ledges of the windows.
Spots where the walls got damaged got some grey just as the edges of the walls.

The next step was adding some colors. First I drybrushed the outer walls. Then I followed this tutorial and added smokestains with my airbrush to the give the building a burntout look. I did this for the inside too, and then the whole ruin was sealed with a heavy coat of matte varnish to save the paint from damages.

The next step was too add some color to the ground. I choosed brown to match the bases of my minis.

Now came the steps I did not do pictures of, but after the brown dried, I applied a selfmade black wash, and when that was dry I drybrushed all brown parts with beige, followed by another strong sealing coat of matte varnish.
The last step was to add some flock and gras. I mixed woodglue with matte varnish and it had no glossy finish when it dried. I do not know where I got this tip, but it works.
After that a last heavy layer of matte varnish was applied to give the flock stronger bond.

And now it looks like this...


The rope is made of wire to give the players access tho the upper levels of the ruins.

I am very satisfied with the results, it looks great. Just as the two ruins I already finished.
Here is like they looked before...

And after some work they looked like this...

Rebuilt just as the other ruin. The boards on the windows of the smaller ruin are popsicle sticks. I added some heavy texture with a ballpen to it. Everything else was done just like at the other ruined building except for that I used an other beige for drybrushing the ground, but the does not matter.

I am pretty happy that this turned out so well. The next three ruins are prepared to get painted, I would like to do that now, but I do not know how loud my compressor is for neighbours.

Maybe I will finish them tomorrow after work, that would mean I would have to visit my hobbystore before to get more supplies, but my airbrush and my trusty hairdryer will save a lot of time.

16. Juni 2018

Westwind Productions
28mm SHS
Seperate Head System

A closer look at some heads from the SHS range of Westwind Productions. Westwind offers a large selection of heads for the Secrets of the Reich figures they are producing.
SOTR is a Weird World War Two 28mm tabletop game, this link gives you a very good descripton of the game, even when it is only available in German language. The google translation into English is here.

This time let us take a closer look at the two other SHS sets which I ordered. My first look at them can be found in this post.

On the left handside you see the contents of SHS-SOTR6 "Zombie Heads B" which contains 20 Zombie heads and on the other side you see the contents of SHS-SOTR15 6 "Soviet Zombie Heads B" which also contains 20 Zombie heads.

Since I do not have approciate heads for a comparison, I gave some heads a rough coat of color and a wash to highlight the details. The upper sprue belongs to SHS-SOTR6, the sprue below came from SHS-SOTR15.

The casting quality is as good as the details are, there are some small remains from the casting process but not much more to clean. The overall look of the heads is better than from the two other sets I own. The mm grid of the cutting mat may give you an impression of their size.
But as you may have seen, the heads are more 28mm truescale, even when the heads from SHS-SOTR6 may be slightly bigger.

I temporarily mounted some of the heads to some Warlord Games and Wargames Factory German infantry figures just to get an impression how they will look when attached to a body. I just had them in range, be sure they will be glued to more aquedate figures.

All in all, the heads are nice, the sculpting and the casting is good. I just copied my resumee from my first post about the SHS heads:
[...] even when I thought at the first look that the heads were two small, I think the the heads fit very well. Especially when you use less heroic scaled miniatures [...]

I just came just work, added these lines and am happy that I prepared most of this text yesterday. After some chilling I will continue my work on a Amera ruin, what I will capture for a future post.
And maybe I will start to build some minis from the "Siberian Veterans" box, either as soldiers or as zombies.

14. Juni 2018

Just ranting,
WTF is Rügen'46 ?

I was asked by a friend about all this Apemutation-Zombie-Sassnitz stuff, and here they are, the roots of Rügen'46...

Last year I painted the first nazizombies (see this post) while my mate Olli was working on his tanks. It was our first modelling session, happening on a Monday, since then we call ourselves ironically Montagsmaler.
While painting we were talking about this and that, and my blog was one of the topics. I had not posted for more than six years for several reasons.

Maybe now should be the right time to continue posting, I restarted modellbuilding almost a year ago from that. And the zombies which I was painting could be a nice start.

We were talking about the minis and I gave Olli a small overview of this "What if..." weird World War Two concept, showing him Heer46, Conflict47, Dust, and stuff like that.
And soon we were joking about the ridiculousness of all this stuff, remembering weird movies like "Oasis Of The Living Dead" from our youth or wackos believing in stuff like "Die Glocke" and all that weird shit.

But a restart of the blog, would mean that I wanted a "stylish" label for all this www2 stuff, and I can not remember who of us said it first but suddenly the words Rügen Sechsunvierzig appeared which were worth some good laughs.
I think it was "Rügen Sechsundvierzig, die letzte Bastion", what made me spill my drink over the desk in a heavy laughing attack.

As you can see, I continued this blog. I made some years pause with modelling, but at this time I restarted to build models at least for a year. It is still a nice compensation after a stressfull day at work.

Time went by and some more Rügen'46 posts appeared, but I had still no use for all this stuff. To be honest, I do not have any displays for my finished models, I just store them in boxes. And I am not much in wargaming except for a game of tanks once a month.
I just like the figures.

But then I found this blog, stole shameless some ideas, and suddenly it made all a sense. I would host a small gaming session at my birthday party. Just like the people at X-acto Science have done before.

Knowing that this would be a hard task, since Olli is the only friend of mine who is interested in tabletop gaming, I had to give it a nice feel and look that my other friends would not be too annoyed by it. Now it are only some weeks to go, and I revealed my plans to all of them, at least they may be prepared of the things to come.

Finding a ruleset "for dummies" was easy, we are going to play a heavyly modified version of "Combat Zone", some years ago I picked up an English starter from EM4, a year later I got the German version from the bay and the rules do not look too complicated.
But I know I have to dumb them down, experiences from our 2vs2 game of TANKS clearly showed one thing, don't drink and drive.

Finding a good background story was not a problem too, as you have read above, I will take my www2 stuff, write a simple background story and design some factions. And this went well.

Just to give you a plain overview, the world of Rügen'46 is totally screwed up.
Things went as known until the spring of 1946 when something happened at Sassnitz on the island of Rügen. From this point everything changed. The western allies flew from the continent, only appearing as merceneries in the troops of the remaining forces who survived the incident. Ressources are rare, the dead arised, strange things were invented, and an unexpected enemy rises again.

Since I do not want to spoil it for my friends, for more detailed informations about the background and groups of the Rügen'46 universe you will have to wait some more weeks.

In the meantime I will continue my work on this project, most of the modelling work is done now the paperwork is next. 

13. Juni 2018

More bitsrecycling with
the 3D printer (1)

Building a matching tank for Mariya Oktyabrskaya in 28mm is a little pain in the ass. If you are orienting on the picture in this post, the choices of 28mm/1:56 tanks are limited.

I made my decision for the Rubicon model kit of the T34/76, but even when there are two different turrets to use, the turret from the picture I mentioned before was not included.

Since I like the Mickey Mouse-ish look of the hatches I had no other option then to get  my hands on the Rubicon T34/85 kit because the matching turret is included as a bonus in the kit.
And guess what I did...

First let me say, both kids are great. No sinkholes, no flash, and clear instructions. The builts went without any problems. And the finished tanks are looking great. At the moment they are primed with AK Interactive Russian primer, I like this stuff, but it needs some time to dry/harden.
I am still unsure which color I may use, but maybe the 85 model will get a camouflage pattern.

But now the struggle began, I had not only two completed tanks, but a big bunch of bits. Two unused turrets and a almost complete pair of tracks had to disappear in the bitsbox.

As you may know from earlier posts, for me this fact is totally annoying. So I browsed through the files at Thingiverse, trying to find a T34 hull to use with the leftover bits.

And I found this T34 and printed it. At the first try I messed up the scaling, the first print was way too small. On the picture below you see the result of the second print. This hull took 9 hours to print, the fitting parts took two hours to print. The hull is 5mm longer than the Rubicon hull but I do not care about this, it is still looking fine.

Sorry to say that I forgot to make more pictures, I just tried to do, but my camera is out of batteries, and the pics made with my mobile kind of suck.

That is why I split this post in two parts, in the next days the second part will follow with some pictures, to show how I will attach the tracks and the turret to the new hull.

But let me finish this first part with the gained knowledge from this "campaign", maybe I should have gone for a 1:48 kit of the T34 since the Mariya Oktyabrskaya looks a little oversized on a 1:56 tank.