14. Februar 2011

Italeri ZIS-3 gun and AT team

Pictures of the Soviet ZIS 3 antitank gun and crew from Italeri (#6097). It's a nice kit without flash and with only minimal mould lines.
The figures were painted in the usual Soviet scheme, the only additions of colors were GW Snakebite leather (#61-64) and Revell Aquacolor beige (#36314) for the winter hats, and Revell Aquacolor Dark Earth (#36182)  and GW Devlan Mud wash (#68-25) for the greatcoat. The gun was painted with Revell Aquacolor Seagreen (#) followed by a wash with GW Thraka Green (68-21), them I did a light drybrush with a light grey.
All figures and the ammo box are based on 1 cent coins.

The only negative point of this kit is that the barrel can't be moved up and down, becaus the ZIS 3 gun was not only used for fighting tanks, it was used as normal field artillery too.

Lots of informations and pictures about Soviet field artillery can be found in the Waffenarsenal journal about the Soviet field artillery (ISBN 3-7909-0540-2) that can be found for a low price at Amozon. 

And a view on the Italeri antitank team (#6131). All figures were painted my usual Soviet scheme, that can be found on this blog. Additional colors for hats and greatcoats can be found above.
The machine gunner got his cape painted in a snow camo style, I think that fits very good in a Winter setting. All these minis are based on 1 or 2 cent coins.

Great figures by Italeri, these figures mix very well with the Soviet Winter Soviets (#6069).


mork6969 hat gesagt…

Great Paintwork, well done!

Geordie an Exiled FoG hat gesagt…

Good work with the Russian

I am in the Red Army mood too :)