13. Februar 2011

Orion AA Quad Maxim and DSHK updated

Here are some pictures of the new Soviet figure sets by Orion, "Soviet Quad Maxim AA MG and Crew" (#72037) and "Soviet DShK AA MG and Crew" (#72038).

First the Maxim Quad, it can be used well for early war scenarios, the figures wear their field hats and are armed with rifles, the equipment of them is mostly light.

All figures are out of the box, the only modification was to base the lieing rifleman, he got a new base and is now shooting straight. The figures are painted in my usual Soviet color style, the colors I used can be found in this post.
The gun itself was a tough build, I can't remember that I ever used more glue on a gun than on this, and my personal carpet monster got a new sacrifice, that's why the gunsight is missing.

The DshK kit is more a late war set, all figures wear helmets and the gunners are equipped with the PPSh machine gun which depicted in the later war.
These figures were painted in my Soviet scheme, too.
The machine gun was build without any problems.

One of these two kits had a lot of flash and mould lines, but I can't remember which of them, but it made no fun to build the quad Maxim.

Booth sets contain 3 identical sprues each with 5 different figures and one gun. Pictures of the unpainted sets and sprues can be found on Plastic Soldier Review.


The Belgian, hat gesagt…

Wow, I really like both of these new kits! Especially the Quad maxim, pity about the bad quality but nevertheless thanks for the small review!

I also recived your mail about the contest that I've won! Sorry about the late answer but I was a bit busy with the examens.

By the way was what the exact number of miniatures in the box?


Captain hat gesagt…

I like them too, they are a great addition for my growing Soviet collection.
It's only a mini review because you will find a review for these sets at the guys of plastic soldier reviews soon.
Good luck for your exams.

Geordie an Exiled FoG hat gesagt…

Nice kit :)

Well painted