14. Februar 2011

Some kind of advertising

Two weeks ago I made an order at RBmodels. Its is a company based in Poland that offers metal barrels for tanks in 1:72 and 1:35 and some other stuff.

I needed 10 barrels for the T34/76 tank and some metal barrels for the Revell S-100 boat (if you could see my future projects list, it is sooo long), and after some research on the web, this shop was the one with the lowest prices.
I made an order on thursday and payed with paypal, the stuff arrived two days later what is my new personal record for ordering from outsde of Germany.
This is so WOW, that I wanted to share my experience with this shop/manufacturer.
Their website is: http://www.rbmodel.com.

(a picture of the ordered barrels will follow in the next days)

I always wanted to keep any advertising out of this blog but sometimes there are some shops worth to be mentioned. I do not receive any bonus for this.

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Paul hat gesagt…

The bonus of good service is all the bonus you need!