14. Dezember 2009

Soviet Infantry: Based and primed

I am building a WW2 soviet army for wargaming. The most figures are from Revell and Italeri Soviet Infantry sets. A handful of figures are from Revell Siberian Rifleman set and some other figures and guns come from Mars.

The hole bunch...only the antitank rifles and the lying gunners are not primed and based.

This Soviet fighters are based on 1 Euro cent coins. The structure on the base is a mix of PVA Glue and sand. The big round bases are pokerchips from TeDi, 26 pieces for 1 Euro. All other bases are made from plastic sheet.

Some minor modifications were made. The mortar soldier got a new head. The stupid runner figure from Italeri got one arm lowered. And two Airfix soldiers with new heads and weapons.

The Airfix kneeling gunner with a new torso from some Dimestore Soviets and the Mars Anti tank rifleman with new barrel and handgrip.

The next step is to give all unpainted figures a black base coat.

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