29. Dezember 2009

Hen Long RC Tiger in 1:72

Last year I got six RC tanks from ebay. All were sealed
and new, the price was fair. The tanks can drive and shoot each other with infrared. This work with big and ugly remotes which need 6 x AA batteries, this definitely sucks. So I use an old 9V AC controller.

I made some tank duels with friends, and its funny to play with this little tanks. Up to four players can play against theirselves, if you have enough batteries.

After some search in the internet I found some more information about the Hen Long Tigers. In a german micro rc forum I read that the TL Tiger looks like some Italeri Tiger.
After visiting Modellversium and Henk of Holland, two very good ressources for modellers, I have to say that it is true.

This is the Italeri kit 7505 of the
Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf E. It contains 2 quickbuild Tiger models for wargamers at a low price. The parts of the turret and the hull are identically to the parts of the Hen Long models except for the holes for LEDs and the spare tracks.

Last but not least I made some moving pictures after I found out that my new cam can do this. The second tank is a Hasegawa Sherman.

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Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

That's one way of dealing with a Sherman!!!