31. Mai 2010

Giant American infanry toy soldiers

Some months ago I wrote about
the German infantry figures made by Giant. Last month I got some more Giant figures from the bay and the lot included not only German figs but also American infantry figs. According to Mr. Eric Yin, check out his two blogs, these figures are downsized copies of old Monogram figures.

This set contains some usual poses, a handgranade thrower, a guy with his rifle, a binocularist and a soldier with a flame thrower.

A mortar, a kneeling gunner and a soldier with a mine detector.

Some more standard poses, a lying rifle man and a lying heavy gunner.

My favorite pose of this set, a guy with a bazooka with the loader.
Why do the major companies not add a bazooka loader to their sets ?

The Giant figures compared with other US WW2 soldiers. The second figure from the left comes from the ESCI US paratroopers set (#209), the second from the right side comes from the ESCI US soldiers set (#202), all others are Giant figures.

All figure bases are marked with "Giant (R) Made in Hong Kong".

As little bonus I added a bigger picture of the great artwork of the label.


GEM Team hat gesagt…

odd figures

Captain hat gesagt…

Yeah, but they will be perfect victims for some modifications.