18. Juni 2010

Matchbox Sd.Kfz 11 in 1:76

The Matchbox Sd.Kfz. 11 kit was build out of the box, no great changes were made to it, the only thing I added was a windschield. One of the tracks broke and I had to use cyanacrylat glue to fix attach it. This had some negative effects to the paint of the wheels.

I painted it in the same style that I used on the Opel Blitz. It was first painted with Revell Aquacolor Africabrown (#36117), then it got a mild wash with Citadel Badab Black, after that it was heavily drybrushed with Revell Aquacolor Beige (#36314). The tracks were painted with Revell Aquacolor rust and the cover was painted with Revell Aquacolor Beige (#36314) then i drybrushed it white.

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