6. Juli 2010

Armourfast Sd.Kfz 251/1 Part 1

Here are some detailed pictures of the Hanomag Sd.Kfz 251/1 made Armourfast(HÄT). This kit was announced some years ago, I remember that there was almost every second week a post in the HÄT forum which asked for the release date of this kit.

Let's take a look at this kit:

Front look at the sprue.

All parts are casted well without any mould lines or sinkholes except for the passenger seats. But why they didn't use the tan color of their other kits.

Back of the sprue.
I think it is the C version of this vehicle.

Some close look at the details: the rivetted hull, the front wheels
the machine guns (without handles, strange) and the tracks

The construction manual at the back of the box.
Note that some parts are not mentioned.

A first look at the kit shows that it is simple but has a lot of hidden potential. With some simple modifications this could be a fine wargaming model.


Paul hat gesagt…

Very Nice indeed, put me down for 10...no 14 of them!

Arquinsiel hat gesagt…

Ooooh... shiney! That's going on my watch list.

Warren Zoell hat gesagt…

Great web site. If I may I would like to post your link to my site

Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for that to all of you.

Italeri will release an own version of the 251 this year as fastbuild model (2 in a box). I will wait until it's out, and compare the AF and the Italeri kits. And then I will get a bunch of the better one.

Thank you, yes link me, I linked your blog, too