30. Juli 2010

A small view on the Mantic Games 28mm Undead catapult

After a short break here now something completely different...
Some weeks ago my Undead warhost from the British manufacturer Mantic Games arrived. It contains 52 figures (not 50 as it is written on the box). I did not want to make a review on this because you can find enough
reviews arround the web. As you can read in the reviews for this figures, they are nicely sculpted and you can get them for a good price in comparison with other 28mm fantary figures.

Here is a quickview on the catapult that can be found in this set:

Front side

Back side

Some detail shots

The catapult looks good. But there is no instruction sheet included (find it at Mantic here). It has a crew of two skeletons, the crew sprue offers the loader as simple two part figure. The commander can be build in different variations, if Mantic had included one more part of legs this weapon could have a crew of the skeletons.
Pictures of the painted catapult can be found here.
Seems like this is a great kit. When it is build in the future, before that there a lot of stuff that I have to finish, you will find some pictures of this im my blog.

Here is a comparison of different figures. The Mantic minis would fit well to the Lord of the Rings tabletop game but compared but the Games Workshop skeleton warriors are bigger then the Mantic skellies. But I think the will still fit in any Warhammer session.

Finally some words on their bases. The have the standard size od 20 x 20 millimeters. In contrast to the bases of Games Workshop the do not have beveled sides and have a hole on one side which fits the bases of their figures.
You can find all of this undead stuff from your modelstore, if not you can order them directly in the Mantic onlineshop, soon there will be more undead minis of them.

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