26. August 2010

Great stuff from ebay

About 1 1/2 weeks I found this on the bay.
Hm, I think I've seen the sprue with the figures on the picture somewhere else before and after some search on the web, I decided that I must have that stuff.

Today it arrived. And what a surprise, I got the ESCI Wirbelwind manual that was not included in my Wirbelwind kit. The auction also included an old Fujimi BMW motorbike and some spare parts. Great, I like the old Fujime/Nitto kits, even if the are harder to get than the usual Revell/Italeri stuff.

But I did not bid only for the BMW. Maybe, if you watched the first picture, you already have seen what made this auction so interesting for me.

So here it is, I got my (first?) ESCI Nebelwerfer kit, hooray for that. Since I started with modelling I wanted to have one of these kits. And now I got it. For an unbeatable price, in my opinion. I don't think 5,55 (p&p included) was not too much for this stuff, or do you ?

By the way, I will re-structure some elements of this blog on the weekend, also the link list. So if you want your site or blog linked, please leave a comment or send me an email, the adress can be found below the links on the right side.


Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

A lovely set, probably my favorite, and that's the nice artwork. Make great winter crew figures for 250/251's as well! I think I'm right in saying they are pantographed down from either an Esci 1/32 set or a Tamiya kit?

easternfunker hat gesagt…

You lucky guy! I need a few of them, and am waiting for someone to re-release them.