27. August 2010

Faces of war (2)

More pictures made by my grandfather during the African campain of the second world war. The pictures from the first post can be found here.

I already started another blog for this pictures, but at the moment it is still work in progress and nonpublic. You will get informed when it's done.


Warren Zoell hat gesagt…

Fascinating I can't wait to see it.

Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

I can only come up with the same word, fascinating, absolutely fascinating, he was obviously Luftwaffe? Love the grinning airman in the captured ? Morris 15cwt? And what is being towed behind the bus? I can't make it out, I'm guessing a piece of aircraft with packing, is that the Opel bus or something bigger like a Bussung?

I have the Opel from Roco, and with a trailer from Cooper Craft that'd make an excellent diorama/vignette!