17. September 2010

Partly scratchbuilt Soviet recovery tank

I found this interesting article on the website of Henk of Holland (first part can be found on his website, too) and suddenly I knew whats to build next. Actually the this mod was for an Tamiya SU-122 kit in 1:35, but I used my kit of the SU-100 from AER, or was it PST?

Here are some pictures of the almost finished model. There are only some smaller parts to attach, then the kit will get its sealing.

Almost all parts are from the SU-100 kit, the tracks and the saw are from the Revell T-34, the other small parts (pickaxe, cable eyes, hatches) came from Pegasus. All other parts were build from scratch.

I had to correct the positions of the roadwheels, you can find more about this big fault in the kit in the AER T34 kit review at On the way models.
The crane is made from 1mm steel wire, booth parts were connected with heat shrinking tube. The steel wire is actually made of copper wire and the winch is made from plastic card.

I used the same color scheme on this model that I used for my ISU-152.

The last picture show the model while constuction.


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Al hat gesagt…

That's a nice model

Paul hat gesagt…

Bloody well done! Looking very sharp!

easternfunker hat gesagt…

It's looking really wonderul Captain, you have every right to be proud! I'd been wondering if the Soviets had these sorts of recovery vehicles, now I can see proof they did!
I can see a game scenario for this vehicle, too! Thanks for sharing - your blog is always worth reading.

Warren Zoell hat gesagt…

I just use Ariel normal. It seems to work.