19. Dezember 2010

Fleamarket's discoveries (1)

I love fleamarkets, there can be found a lot of useful and useless stuff, that's the shit I need. Whenever I hear of a fleamarket in my town, I try to visit it. I always wanted to write about my fleamarket finds since I started this blog and now it is the time to do it, I will not include any prices for it, but when it was bought, be sure it was cheap.

We have a big monthly fleamarket in the local exhibition hall and I visit it everytime, I think the best time ist right when it starts (8a.m.), there are less visitors than later and the best things (lol) are still available. Sometimes I make a second visit just before it closes, I think than you can get the best prices, most sellers are happy for every piece that they will not have to carry back home.

Let's take a look, what I found today:

- the great Body Count first debut album. Unfortunately the "censored" version, but I remember that this record was the killer when it came out.

- some comics, one anthology of the Freak Brothers that I previously owned before, but this copy will be a christmas present, I hope it will get to Austria before Christmas. And three issues of Judge Dredd (he is the law).

- 2 diecast cars and a diecast helicopter for a future project

and, last but not least, an old boardgame called Anno 4000, I don't know if I will ever find more players for this, but I couldn't resist when the seller told me the price.

I am happy with my new stuff, and on the way back I bought some fresh buns for breakfast. Can a day start better ?
Maybe the list will be updated, I will visit the market with a friend before it closes, I will see, how much I can drop the prices of some things that interested me.


Paul´s Bods hat gesagt…

I too love flea markets. There´s a big one near the local uni and I´ll go whenever I can.
You got a copy of the freak bros anthology!! and judge dread!!
Have you got the same comic collection as I have :-)

Captain hat gesagt…

Hi Paul, normally I am not very interested, but...it's Judge Dredd.
(And I think I can get some impressions for one of my next projects). I sold almost all of my comic when I got older but some still remained here. Do you know "Give me liberty" by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons ? It is the only comic I own that is worth to be named here.
Best regards,

GEM Team hat gesagt…

Nice album, I have it myself. Love the stuff.