27. August 2010

Faces of war (2)

More pictures made by my grandfather during the African campain of the second world war. The pictures from the first post can be found here.

I already started another blog for this pictures, but at the moment it is still work in progress and nonpublic. You will get informed when it's done.

26. August 2010

Great stuff from ebay

About 1 1/2 weeks I found this on the bay.
Hm, I think I've seen the sprue with the figures on the picture somewhere else before and after some search on the web, I decided that I must have that stuff.

Today it arrived. And what a surprise, I got the ESCI Wirbelwind manual that was not included in my Wirbelwind kit. The auction also included an old Fujimi BMW motorbike and some spare parts. Great, I like the old Fujime/Nitto kits, even if the are harder to get than the usual Revell/Italeri stuff.

But I did not bid only for the BMW. Maybe, if you watched the first picture, you already have seen what made this auction so interesting for me.

So here it is, I got my (first?) ESCI Nebelwerfer kit, hooray for that. Since I started with modelling I wanted to have one of these kits. And now I got it. For an unbeatable price, in my opinion. I don't think 5,55 (p&p included) was not too much for this stuff, or do you ?

By the way, I will re-structure some elements of this blog on the weekend, also the link list. So if you want your site or blog linked, please leave a comment or send me an email, the adress can be found below the links on the right side.

19. August 2010

Even more Soviet tank crews

The first figure on the first picture is from Orion, the rest of the figures is made by LW. After all these minis are painted, now it's time to continue to finish some other stuff that I already started with.

The third picture shows all tank crew figures in a group photo.

16. August 2010

More Soviet tank crew figures

I continued the painting of my Soviet tank crew figures. This weekend I painted some figures of the Russian manufacturer LW or maybe Evolution, I can't find the box right now, but the figures are the same in both sets. The used color are still the same that I use for my other Soviet figures, you can find the list of them here.
One of the figures was slightly modified, the guy waving with the bottle got instead of that a new hand with a revolver.

By the way, Plastic Soldier Review has the first pictures of the new Soviet infantry figures from the Plastic Soldier company, you can find them here.

13. August 2010

Soviet ISU-152 and crew

After two busy weeks I had some time to continue with my hobby. I finished these Soviet heavy self-propelled gun tank ISU-152. The numbers 61 and 62 are fastbuild models by Pegasus Hobbies, but they do not lack as many details as the fastbuild kits from HÄT/Armourfast. The tank with the 60 is a model kit made by East European producer PST, I did not use all parts for this kit to make all three tanks look equal.

The colors that I used for this tanks were Revell Aquacolor Sea green (#36148), mixed 2 parts color and one part alcohol via airbrush, after that I did a wash with Citadel Thraka Green wash (#68-21), then I drybrushed the tanks light with a bright grey color. I sealed them with Revell Aquacolor Clear matte paint (#36102).

The turret number decals were applied with the help of
Agama Adhesol. They were included in the PST kit, the propaganda writings on the # 62 came from Peddinghaus Decals, the other decals came fron the spare box.

The track of the tanks were altered with some selfmixed mud, made of white glue, water, coffee and Busch Pine Forest ground cover (#H0 7259). This mix hides the not so detailed tracks very well.

I also managed to paint the Soviet tank crew figures by Orion that I showed in a previous post. Two of the figures were modified, the guy with the flowers got instead of flowers a piece of plastic, looks almost like a gun. The second modification was made on the strange runner. He got a new hand with a revolver from an old Airfix cowboy figure.

The colors I used for this figures were almost the same that I used for my Soviet infantry troops. All I have to do for these guys is to get them a better decorated base.

Instead of ISU 152 I called this tank ISU 155. I changed the numbers to delete this mistake.