16. Oktober 2017

15mm Soviet forces for
Tanks by Galeforce 9

An old Lenin button as eye-catcher

My first army for Galeforce 9's Tanks. Well stored in this wooden box are the Soviet forces that can be played by friends of mine to get into a first game of tanks.
And they were victorious the first time they entered the battlefield (against me).

Stored in this box the troops will stay safe while travelling to new battlefields. The complete inlay was built with Velux isolation tape and Feldherr 10mm foam tray bottom parts and glued with UHU Alleskleber (denn Modellbau ist kriegswichtig). The red star was cut from red felt.
All models are 15mm / 1:100  scale.


The main force of the Soviet troops is the T34 tank, which is playable in the two mainversions of it.  All that has to be done is to change the turret to use the T34/76 or the T34/85. The models are from Plasticsoldier Company and went well together.

All of the Soviet tanks were painted with Revell Aquacolor Olivgrün, then came some heavy drybrushing with Pegasus Olivgrün followed by a lighter drybrush with Revell Aquacolor Olivgrau. The tracks were painted in Revell Aquacolor Rost followed by adding some Pegasus Edelstahl.
The final step before adding decals and sealing the model was to wash the model with a 50/50 mix of  GW Nuln Oil and War-Ter®. All decals came from the sparebook and are 1/72 scale.

(update: I gave the pictures and the tanks a last look for tonight and it seems that I did not use the colors I mentioned above.)

The next two models were build from one Battlefront SU-100 kit with some sparetracks from the PSC T34 box and a scratchbuilt chassis. The colors I used were the same as on the other tanks, the second camouflage color is Revell Aquacolor Khakibraun (or Dark Earth). 

Last but not least comes a big one, Zvezda's model of the IS-2 tank. I cut the old hatch and added one from the sparebox. It is a nice kit but the inner side of the tracks have no details except for their teeth.

Now with the finished Soviet tank platoon it's time to get another platoon finished. My US tanks, 4 Sherman 75/76mm and a Pershing are ready for a paintjob but I am not sure if I have enough paint or have to join my local dealer to get new colors. And my first British Shermans need only some more decals and sealing but the decals I use are so fraking thin and fragile.

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