2. Februar 2018

This year's first TANKS game

Olli and I finally found some time for our first game this year. As usual we played with our house rules, but this will be a topic for another post. We played 100 points each side with no special rules. The hills you see on the pictures count as woods.
Sorry to say but my cameras batteries went empty and the pics from the mobile were not the best quality. I hope Olli has made better pictures with his mobile. If he has I will add them

This year's first game of tanks was fought by two opposing German tank platoons. My mate Olli played the attacking forces (Tiger, Panther, Panzer IV, StuG) while I was playing the defending troops with two Panthers and two Panzer IV.
In the first round nothing much happened but in the second round all tanks had the opportunity to fire. Only 3 of the 8 firing tanks scored a hit, but the StuG was almost knocked out.
The third round was the same as the second round, many shots were fired but only some of them hit with minor damage.


Round four started with the first of my Panthers being destroyed by the enemy Panther and Tiger tanks, with three frackin' critical hits. My other Panther managed to get out of the Panther's and Tiger's sights and to destroy the enemy's StuG (three critical hits, too) but got a critical hit which set his motor on fire.
In round five and six I managed to get my surviving Panther out of all enemies line of sights while my two Panzer IV attacked Olli's Panzer IV. In theory this should have been a garantied kill but the whole game I had bad luck with the dice that I did not get the enemy's tank destroyed.

At the end of the sixth round another try to repair the burning motor of my remaining Panther failed with the result that it got destroyed.
In the seventh and in the eight and final round all attackers went on my two Panzer IV and both got destroyed.
Germany wins.

The game made a lot of fun even when it was unclear in which order the tanks should be moved in the command phase (thanks to their Blitzkrieg special ability) because both sides had this ability. Our solution was to use the same order which we had in the movement phase.
We also changed the rules for hits on the rear of the tanks but as I wrote before, this will be posted seperately.

The next time we play will be a playtest of our first rules addon for Tanks. It will include Planes and their weaponry and mobile anti air weapons. At the moment we are still struggling with the stats for the new vehicles especially the point costs.

When this is done I will make the rules and new cards for the new vehicles available in pdf that you can downoad it, print the new cards, find and build the new models and have fun with integrating these new toys in your game.

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