2. Januar 2010

Revell News for 2010

I got this great news from Modellversium and Henk of Holland. The Revell company will reissue several old world war 2 kits this year. It is great to read that both ww2 Soviet infantry sets will come back to the market, beginnig with the kit "Siberian Rifleman" (02516) which will come in March. In June the "Soviet Infantry" set (02510) will come back again.

In addition there will come some new world war 2 armour, like for example the reissues of the Panzer III M and the Jagdpanther, and the new kit of the 8,8cm Flak 36 with the Sd.Anh.202 that will be surely better than the old Hasegawa kit which I built last year.

Read more at the official Revell site.

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