21. Oktober 2010

Armourfast Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Part 4

I continued the work on my Armourfast 251's. I wanted to paint them in a generic 3 color camouflage with hard edges. For that I started to mask with tape, but the tape I use was/is not good for this. I made a visit to a local hobby store and bought some masking liquid, the shop owner told me that thau would work.

I painted the whole model in Aquacolor sand (#36116) after that I made spots with the masking liquid to the place that I wanted to keep sand colored.

After that the models got a layer of Revell Aquacolor fern green (#36360). Then I applied the next layer of masking liqid to mark the areas that I wanted to keep green.

The next layer of color was Aquacolor mud brown (#36180), I used it even when it is glossy, I learned some day ago that it won't shine anymore after the last layer of sealing matte paint.

After all the color was dry all I had to do was to remove the masking liquid to see if it worked as I planned. Watch the picture, it worked fine. It was tricky to remove all of the masking liquid (very sticky stuff), but when I was almost finished with it, I found out, that an old toothbrush was a good tool to remove the stuff.
I think this technique will work with normal brushes too, you do not have to own airbrush to use it. And the rmoval of the masking liquid (after it and the colors dried) could be easier if only one thin coat of it is used, as you can see on the first picture I took someting more then was needed.
But it worked :D

On the right 251 I took the antenna apart, it will be fitted later. The funker workplace was improvised without any sources and was scratchbuilt. 
I'm not sure what to do with the two 251s, but I tought about a new idea to apply wash. If I use now a good shiny clear color to seal it, a wash would only flow in the hollow (?) spots of the kit. I will use this method on an old toytank for a first try, if it works, that is something I will try before. You will read it here in this blog, but before that I have to finish some older projects.

The two Armourfast 251 will go now into the "actual projects" box, they will be finished someday because I found some days ago some pictures of an other model of which I own a kit, and these were a great inspiration for me so, but more infos soon, the topic will be Panzer46.
And then I will take some time on my 28mm undead army, I hope tomorrow my new Mantic zombies will arrive,it's time to kick some dwarfs' asses.


Pablo J. Álvarez hat gesagt…

Good start!...I wait for more

Andrew hat gesagt…

I have used masking liquid for my watercolor paintings. I never thought to try it on a model. Interesting idea.

I look forward to seeing your WWII photo blog. Did you see my WWII blog? I researched my grandfather's US Army battalion that moved supplies.

mork6969 hat gesagt…

Gute Arbeit! Und sehr anschaulich erklärt. Ich bin überrascht, was mit der Revell Airbrush alles geht. Und Dein Funkabteil ist genial. Ich freue mich auf mehr!

Captain hat gesagt…

Thank you for your comments, but I before I continue with them I will paint a lot of 28mm undeads.
Great Idea to do something like your blog, unfortunately I do not have any infos where and when my grandfather was involved in the whole thing. My blog will start later this year, I still have to scan the pics.
Danke, ja, die Revell Airbrush ist echt gut für nen Anfänger geeignet, sobald mein Videoreview fertig ist, sollten alle Fragen, die zumindest ich mir als Newbie gestellt habe, beantwortet.

Andrew hat gesagt…

Are you unable to find your grandfather's military records? I don't know how well German records were kept after the war, but in the US I was able to find a history of my grandfather's battalion in the National Archives. Maybe the Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv holds records?

P.S. After the war my grandfather (a Normandy veteran) went to a bar in New York and met a bartender who had also served at Utah Beach... but this man had been on the other side in the German army. There were no hard feelings between the two. They were both happy with the outcome of the war. The bartender insisted my grandfather drink for free that afternoon.