23. Oktober 2010

New Zvezda World War 2 Soviet figures (updated)

I found this post in the Tiny soldiers forum. The linked pictures show the Maxim machine gun with crew, the other announced sets are listed too.
The Russian producer Zvezda brings out a new series of Soviet and German soldier figures and equipment of the second world war in 1:72. As I read it from the post, they will bring out their own rule system for them. They started with the T34/76 some months ago, and today I found first pictures of the upcoming figure sets.

Semms like they are available soon, CW toys has listed them but they are still not deliverable.

Paul left a link to more pictures in the comments. And I found some pictures and informations at the Henk of Holland site (here). There are also some more informations on the Zvezda homepage (in Russion but Google translations worked fine).


Paul hat gesagt…

Interesting find! I have my doubts if I would by a set though. 2 Gun crews and guns in one packet is not worth it for me, with the old ESCI/Italeri set containing three, plus all the other figures that come with it...

Still they do look very nice! Well spotted!

Captain hat gesagt…

Hi Paul.
You are right, why to buy this pack with 2 Maxims when you can get the ESCI/Italeri Soviets for almost the same price (with 3 Maxims and a bunch of infantry).
But Im collecting ww2 Soviets, so I will try to get them as fast as possible.

Paul´s Bods hat gesagt…

Hi Captain, you can see a full set of pictures here;

Captain hat gesagt…

I ordered now all four sets, German and Soviet infantry + machine guns, and asked the seller if he knows when the other WW2 kits of Zvezda be on the market.
The answer will come with my review of them.

Captain hat gesagt…

I got my Zvezda Soviets now, some pictures of them compared with othe Soviet figures will follow soon.

Paul hat gesagt…

Oh good I am looking forward to seeing the size comparison here.

Well done.