9. Oktober 2010

The Heroes of the World of Warcraft Boardgame

Some days ago I saw the WoW Boardgame in the window of a local secondhand store. Maybe these minis could be a supplemnt for my undead, therefore I searched arround the web to find some pictures of the figures that are included but I did not find any pictures of the figures.

Today I asked for the price, it was low enough for me to get this game, even when I`m not interested in fantasy stuff except for my undead forces that I am building up (hey Olli, they will kick your dwarfens asses ;D).

Check out these pictures, I know nothing about this WoW MMORPG stuff but it seems that all of the normal fantasy races are included, Elves, Human, Dwarfs .....

Last picture shows a comparison of the WoW Boardgame figures with some other 28 mm figures.

I hope these pictures will help interested people to make their decisision if to buy this game or not. Pictures of the monsters will follow, maybe tomorrow.
My copy of this game will serve as a perfect christmas present for my sister and her husband, I remember that I never mentioned this blog (and if I did, "Hey sis, please forget this post till christmas.").

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