26. Oktober 2010

Hong Kong Airfix Afrikakorps clones with helmets (updated)

Today I received a figure lot from the bay and it included a great surprise. Among many other figures it contained about 100 of Hong Kong clone figures of the good old Airfix Afrikakorps set. But these check out the picture below.

The pictures shows on the upper row some figures from the Airfix Afrikakorps set, the lower figures are their clones. Both look equal except for their headgear. The detail of the clones is not too bad, the details could be better, but these are cheap toys, the scale is like their origin's, more 1:76 then 1:72.

I've never seen these (clone) versions of the Airfix AK before, even when I played as a kid with toy soldiers in this scale and I had hundreds of them including AK clones. But mine weared all fieldhats.

A reader left a comment, that these minis are copies from the old ESCI hardplastic set of the Africakorps, and it seems that he is right. Check out this link to Plastic Soldier Review.

23. Oktober 2010

New Zvezda World War 2 Soviet figures (updated)

I found this post in the Tiny soldiers forum. The linked pictures show the Maxim machine gun with crew, the other announced sets are listed too.
The Russian producer Zvezda brings out a new series of Soviet and German soldier figures and equipment of the second world war in 1:72. As I read it from the post, they will bring out their own rule system for them. They started with the T34/76 some months ago, and today I found first pictures of the upcoming figure sets.

Semms like they are available soon, CW toys has listed them but they are still not deliverable.

Paul left a link to more pictures in the comments. And I found some pictures and informations at the Henk of Holland site (here). There are also some more informations on the Zvezda homepage (in Russion but Google translations worked fine).

21. Oktober 2010

Armourfast Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Part 4

I continued the work on my Armourfast 251's. I wanted to paint them in a generic 3 color camouflage with hard edges. For that I started to mask with tape, but the tape I use was/is not good for this. I made a visit to a local hobby store and bought some masking liquid, the shop owner told me that thau would work.

I painted the whole model in Aquacolor sand (#36116) after that I made spots with the masking liquid to the place that I wanted to keep sand colored.

After that the models got a layer of Revell Aquacolor fern green (#36360). Then I applied the next layer of masking liqid to mark the areas that I wanted to keep green.

The next layer of color was Aquacolor mud brown (#36180), I used it even when it is glossy, I learned some day ago that it won't shine anymore after the last layer of sealing matte paint.

After all the color was dry all I had to do was to remove the masking liquid to see if it worked as I planned. Watch the picture, it worked fine. It was tricky to remove all of the masking liquid (very sticky stuff), but when I was almost finished with it, I found out, that an old toothbrush was a good tool to remove the stuff.
I think this technique will work with normal brushes too, you do not have to own airbrush to use it. And the rmoval of the masking liquid (after it and the colors dried) could be easier if only one thin coat of it is used, as you can see on the first picture I took someting more then was needed.
But it worked :D

On the right 251 I took the antenna apart, it will be fitted later. The funker workplace was improvised without any sources and was scratchbuilt. 
I'm not sure what to do with the two 251s, but I tought about a new idea to apply wash. If I use now a good shiny clear color to seal it, a wash would only flow in the hollow (?) spots of the kit. I will use this method on an old toytank for a first try, if it works, that is something I will try before. You will read it here in this blog, but before that I have to finish some older projects.

The two Armourfast 251 will go now into the "actual projects" box, they will be finished someday because I found some days ago some pictures of an other model of which I own a kit, and these were a great inspiration for me so, but more infos soon, the topic will be Panzer46.
And then I will take some time on my 28mm undead army, I hope tomorrow my new Mantic zombies will arrive,it's time to kick some dwarfs' asses.

20. Oktober 2010

Armourfast Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Part 3

I finished the construction of my Sd.Kfz. 251s. The fenders are a little too low, the wheels fit very closely, luckily I lost one of the wheels therefore I use the wheels of the ESCI 251 which are a bit smaller.
On the following picture is a comparison of the Armourfast, Revell and ESCI frontwheels.

One of them got the pioneer bridge of the ESCI 251 kit, and when I'm at it I will loot another ESCI 251 kit so the other 251 will get a frame antenna. I hope I can attach it without too big spots of glue.
Some tools and other stuff will follow, I have to search my spareparts box for pieces to attach.

Both Armourfast Sd.Kfz. 251 got their base color, is this case I use Revell Aquacolor sand (#36116). I will try to paint them in 3 color hard edged camo pattern, eventually I will do this tonight at least I will try to mask them tonight. Then I have to find some decals for them.

Additional informations about this kit can be found in some older posts (here and here).

Curse you, carpet monster

Two (actually not) funny things happened today.

First, a painted wheel (sand, black) fell down from my desk. I have a dark carpet and I thought that I would find this piece as usally, but... nothing. I searched almost one hour and there is not much space to hide.
But gone, maybe for an visit to the twilight zone.

How can a sandcolored piece disappear on this carpet?
After that I continued the work on my actual project. The rest of the construction went without problems and I started to spray it, this went without bigger problems, too.
Then I wanted to clean my airbrush gun. I do this normally at a sink, and so I did it today. I dismantled the gun and then I heard a sound like "PLINK", I saw that the filter was NOT in the drain and the screw that holds the needle wasn't attached at the gun.
OK, I had to get my toolbelt, I don't have one but it sounds better, and to take apart the drainage, not a too big job but the screw that holds sink and tube together broke. And guess what I found, a missing part of my airgun. And a lot of dirty water.

Now I have to get to the local hardware, and it's raining like heck. At least the spraygun is complete and the sink too (in 2 hours!?!).

19. Oktober 2010

Italeri SdKfz. 234/4

Pictures of my finished SdKfz. 234/4. The figure came with an Italeri kit and doesn't have legs because it was commander of another tank before wher he did not fit with legs.

This kit was build some months ago, I remember that all parts fitted very well. The construction went without problems, but on the next kit I will not glue the wheels before I paint it, this will make it easier to paint.

And I learned something new. I accidently bought glossy mud brown that I used for the camo pattern, but I recognized it after I applied it. That's why the brown in the previous post so shiny, I thought for alsmost 3 hours that the color was still wet.

But after the last layer of matte paint the brown spots weren't shiny anymore. Great, I didn't knew that before, I tought I had to repaint all brown with matte paint.

17. Oktober 2010

W.I.P. Italeri SdKfz. 234/4

Some pictures of an actual project, this is Italeri's SdKfz. 234/4. This is the first kit that I painted with a "real" airbrush gun, the colors are still a little wet. The used colors were Revell Aquacolor Sand (#36116), farn green (#36360) and mud brown(#36180),  all colors were thinned with alcohol.
The camo pattern is not too bad for a first try and there are some spots where I will use a brush to finish the paintjob.

The picture below shows my new airbrush gun and compressor, I bought the Revell Airbrush starter set (#39199) and I think it is worth its price.
Next week I will publish my videoreview of this stuff, the scenes are already filmed but the sound is too bad, that's why I have to re-record it.

15. Oktober 2010

The monsters of the World of Warcraft Boardgame

Here is the rest of the WoW boardgame figures. In this post you can find the first part of the figures from this game.

British Infantry figures by ESCI (non WW2)

British infantry of the Victorean era. These figures are from the ESCI set "British Infantry Soldiers" (# 212). Painted with Revell Aquacolor and Citadel acrylics. In my opinion the belts still look too clean, but I will try a wash on it maybe some grey.

They could be used in a colonial setting, but they will fit in some Victorean Science Fiction Scenarios too.

9. Oktober 2010

The Heroes of the World of Warcraft Boardgame

Some days ago I saw the WoW Boardgame in the window of a local secondhand store. Maybe these minis could be a supplemnt for my undead, therefore I searched arround the web to find some pictures of the figures that are included but I did not find any pictures of the figures.

Today I asked for the price, it was low enough for me to get this game, even when I`m not interested in fantasy stuff except for my undead forces that I am building up (hey Olli, they will kick your dwarfens asses ;D).

Check out these pictures, I know nothing about this WoW MMORPG stuff but it seems that all of the normal fantasy races are included, Elves, Human, Dwarfs .....

Last picture shows a comparison of the WoW Boardgame figures with some other 28 mm figures.

I hope these pictures will help interested people to make their decisision if to buy this game or not. Pictures of the monsters will follow, maybe tomorrow.
My copy of this game will serve as a perfect christmas present for my sister and her husband, I remember that I never mentioned this blog (and if I did, "Hey sis, please forget this post till christmas.").

8. Oktober 2010

Dead Soviets


The figure above is from the Pobeda Set "Die in Stalingrad" (#72-101) which contains some resin figures and a vac-formed base.
The stretcher is made of steelwire and aluminium foil.

This pile of bodies comes from the same Pobeda kit. I think this is one of the strangest figures in my collection.

Booth Pobeda figures needed a lot of sanding, on the pile of dead I used some putty to fix the worst airbubble holes.

Hmmm, no comment. The figure is the dead one from the Pegasus Summer Soviets, the ladder comes from Airfix. The rest was built from scratch.

LW/Evolution Soviet artillery crew

Soviet artillery crew by Russian (?) producer LW but also produced by Evolution. Sealed in a ziplock bag with a photocopied paper that contains the "box art". The bag contains 2 sprues, each with 7 crewmen and some boxes and shells.

As you can see, this figures were not sculpted by LW/Evo. They are only modified figures of the ESCI set "Soviet Infantry", but the modification was well done.

The figures were based on 1cent coins, panted with my standard Soviet color scheme and will serve on the 122mm or the 152 howitzer, I have the PST kit 72030 and you can build each of them.