13. März 2018

Tactica 2018
Pictures (3)
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The final batch of pictures that I made at the Tactica 2018. Too sad that I did not get much better pictures, seems like I have to read the manual of my camera to get better results.

The only pictures I made of this great "Masters Of The Universe" gaming table. Check this blog for more pictures of the miniatures.

 The gaming table for "Aggro 70s Football Skirmish". The guy who made the game demos has a facebook group where you can find a lot of informations, pictures and ressources of the game.

I bought a copy of the ruleset and the matching miniatures and will write some lines about it when the miniatures and some scenery pieces are done.

That are all good pictures I made. But as you know I was not the only one wo made pictures. The guys of Magabotato have two galleries full of great pictures:



And then there is another great collection of pictures at flickr:


Last but not least I would like to the video the guys of the Tabletop Gorillas made:


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