23. März 2018

Unboxing The Undead
Part 2/2

 Continuing the unboxing of the undead. In this post I will show all heroes and special infantrists of my undead army.

A vampire count and his undead minions. The vampire was unarmed and got a warhammer and a shield from the bitsbox. These metal figures were made by West Wind Productions.

The first figure may be an elf or somthing like that but I liked its look that's why I painted it as a vampire. The originial sword was replaced to make it matching with my revenant unit also equipped with twohanded swords.
The figure in the center is an old Citadel figure if I remember correctly. He got equipped with a sword and a standart pole.
On the right side you see a classic Games Workshop vampire count which is the only figure of the whole undead army I did not paint by myself.

Two ghosts and a banshee. I have no idea who made the ghosts but at least I know the banshee was made by Games Workshop. I had to choose from three different banshees which one to paint and I preferred this pose.

Two variations of a Necrarch vampire made by Games Workshop. The undead Pegasus may come from Grenadier Miniatures but I am unsure about that. There are some more unpainted Necrarch somewhere in my stash that need to get painted one day.

Two metal sorceresses from unknown manufacturers. The figure in the center is from the "Bones" range of Reaper Miniatures. This were the only necromancers I painted, even when there are some more in my stash.

This picture shows a Strigoi vampire and an old Necrarch vampire, both made by Games Workshop. The Necrarch had no right hand when I got it, I took a sabre from an old goblin figure to compensate this.

First a Games Workshop Dragontemplar vampire followed by the Red Duke (?) also made by Games Workshop. The figure on the right is a conversion of a Claymore Saga knight, his horse got a metal head from the bitsbox.

This last picture shown my stash of unpainted undead miniatures. As you can see, there are lot of figures to paint but at the moment I am not in the mood for painting fantasy miniatures.

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