October 3, 2019

15mm T-55AM2 Squad

Some pictures of my NVA 1:100 T-55AM2 squad. These models were made by the Plastic Soldier Company, the kit offers the choice to build different versions of the T-55 (we will see that in a future post), I decided to build the AM2 version from this kit(s) just because I prefer its look compared to other versions. 

The flag in the background above was bought at a fleamarkted 20 years ago, and I think it fits pretty well in todays post, not only because these kits got the East German national insignia as all other non official units (coming soon) and proxie or 3Dprint hybrid models I use for "TANKS The Modern Age".

The East German forces had a lot of these tanks in their arsenal, this website shows all T-55 versions which were used by the Nationale Volksarmee.

As you may see, here and there are some little bits which I may redo, but basically these tanks are ready for future battles. The already served at the Easter front, one of them shot down a German PAH. At the moment they hold postion near the French border and wait for further commands.

In a future post we will take a closer look at this modelkit and then it will get compared to the Battlefront Miniatures T-55, but before we will do that, the next posts are dedicated to tanks of the West German Bundeswehr.

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