15. Januar 2010

A cheap book about WW2 armour

Before I will continue the presentation of my painted Volkssturm figures I would like to present an interesting book.
I got it last week from ebay and it was cheap, approximately 5 Euros including postage. It contains a lot of pictures (700+) of tanks and some useful informations. Maybe it is not the best book about WW2 tanks, but I think, that the price relationship is good.

A lot of tanks are showed, the main focus is on german tanks, allied and soviet tanks are shown too. The language is German but I think that most of the informations should be able to be translated simply, like for example with babelfish that I also partly use for this blog.

Its a cheap book for beginners, some of the drawings seem like they are based on photos. In my opinion it is a simple but good source for beginners, because it contains many suggestions to painting of models .
You can find it at Amazon, sometimes at the German section of ebay and at other book traders.

Jean Restain "Panzer und Kettenfahrzeuge des zweiten Weltkriegs"

ISBN 3828953301

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Lucky you! I bought the original years ago, and it was something like the equivalent of 20 Euro. Even if the captions are not great, the book will provide you with a lot of inspiration. Pat