18. Januar 2010

Volkssturm Figures from Odemars and Orion 2

Here is the rest of my painted Volkssturm figures. I had to finish the last three figures but now I'm a little proud that I painted my first 2 complete sets. Or at least I painted all poses of booth sets. The only thing missing are detailed bases. I was trying how they looked on usual 1 Euro cent coins, but almost the half of them will not fit on it because they are too big.

I like most the poses but the armament is some kind of strange. Some figures have a Panzerfaust which is reasonable because it was a cheap weapon which needed not much training to use. But why the heck does the guy with the beard (1st post) carry an Panzerschreck, which was a weapon that needed much more training than the Volkssturm got.
I think that there are too much automatic weapons and the figures personal equipment of them is too good because most Volkssturm units were poorly
equipped. More informations about that can be found in the link at the end of this post.

Last but not least, here is the comparison between the Volkssturm figures by Orion, Pegasus and Odemars. Compared with the Pegasus figures the figures of Odemars and Orion look like cheap toysoldiers but somehow I like them more than the figures of Pegasus which are very detailed.

Basic informations about the Volkssturm can be found in the Wikipedia (German / English) and on the homepage of the "Lexikon der Wehrmacht" homepage following this link.


GEM Team hat gesagt…

Nice. ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Good work for a beginner.