3. Januar 2010

Giant German Infantry toy soldiers

These figures came with an ebay lot. I had never see figures like them before and had no information about the manufacturer of them. The bases are printed with "Giant" and "Hong Kong". Seems like a first hint.
Their armament consists of German WW2 weapons like MP40, MG34, Panzerschreck and Stielhandgranate. Maybe these guys should be German infantry from world war 2.

I did not know anything about the Giant corporation. Google did. I found this interesting article at the Hät homepage and some other smaller sources which gave me a some information.

This is what I found out: They appear as "World War 2 German infantry" in 10 different poses and were manufactured by the Giant corporation. They are downsized copies of old Marx figures, a picture of it can be found on this homepage. They were made between 1960 and 1970 (found an ebay auction that said 1969) in Hong Kong.

To the conclusion a comparison with figures of other manufacturers:

First row (1:72):
Pegasus Volkssturm, Giant, Esci Paratrooper, Giant, Revell Pioneer, Giant

Second row (1:76):
Matchbox Infantry, Giant, Airfix Afrikakorps, Giant, Matchbox Afrikakorps, Giant, Airfix Infantry


EY hat gesagt…

Nice comparison photos. Giant also made some American soldiers that were scaled down versions of Monogram figures.

Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for the infos, maybe I will get some Americans too.

World War I Soldiers hat gesagt…

All you World War I Soldiers will definitely be remembered. All your hard work will not go to waste. Thanks for bringing us peace.