10. März 2010

Mini review: Toolset by MACO Modellbau

Some great additions for models come from MACO Modellbau. MACO Modellbau offers the tools on the picture above as a limited edition. This toolset contains an axe, a shovel, a boltcutter and a pickaxe (don't know the English word for it).

A closer look to the tools. They are a great addition to the simple wargamer kits of HÄT and Italeri, and the price is not to beat. You will get 10 sprues of the toolset for only 2 Euros. If you want to buy them you have to be fast because it is a limited edition.

Check out the website of MACO where you will find all other excellent model kits made by MACO and from a lot of other companies, too. You can find the store at
http://mc-modellbau.de/ .

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