9. März 2010

Pegasus German trucks

Not much text today, I had a little accident at work which made me a big headache. An empty beverage box, I remember it was a Coca Cola box, felt on my head from 3 meters height. It caused no blood but made a lot of pain.

Used colors:

When I got them I painted them in grey, can be seen inside the drivers cabin. But I was not satisfied with that. So I repainted the trucks with the following colors:

Revell Aquacolor Sand plus Seagreen and Citadel Bestial Brown for the camo pattern, then a mild black wash. Citadel Chaos Black for the tires and Citadel Catachan Green and Citadel Thraka Green wash for the cover.


- added Headlights from the spare box

- a scratchbuilt
Notek for booth trucks made of plasic card

- driver mirror made of steel wire and plastic card

- a windshield made of clear plastic

- build spacers, I hope it is called spacer, of steel wire. The balls at the end are drips of pva glue

There are still some little spots I will have to rework (what I actually wanted to do today) and add some decals but the two trucks are almost finished (for today).


GEM Team hat gesagt…

nice trucks. Hope you get better

Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for that. When I woke up this morning I felt good and had no pain anymore.