23. März 2010

More painted Soviet Infantry

I continued the work on my Soviet Infantry forces. The colors are still the same that I showed in this post with one little addition. My local toy store has now the Revell Aquacolors in its sortiment.
For the officer's hats, their jackets and the rolled coats of the normal infanterists I used Revell Aquacolor Dark Earth (# 36182).

One of my six mortar crews.
From left to right:
converted officer (
see here), a Revell figure with a Preiser (?) crate and the Italeri mortar gunner with a new head.

From left to right:
Airfix officer with the head of the Pegasus Russian Summer infantry, Revell LMG soldier with a new head and new legs, Revell grenade thrower with the arm/rifle of the Italeri Soviet grenade thrower and the sniper of the Revell Soviet infantry box.

From left to right:
converted officer (
see here), Dimestore binocular officer, Airfix Soviet grenade thrower with new head and new grenade from his Italeri comrade and a Pegasus Summer Soviet with a new head.

This is what I already finished.

This is what I still have to paint.

I am waiting for some more figures that I ordered but his will take two weeks until they arrive. And off course I am still waiting for the new Soviet infantry figures of The Plastic Soldier Company that will appear on the market in the next weeks.


Geordie an Exiled FoG hat gesagt…

Nice shading effect

Is that an Aqua-Colour wash?

GEM Team hat gesagt…

you've been busy. Nice work.

Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for that to the G.E.M. team.

The shading effect was made with the (new) inks of Citadel/Foundation.
For the uniforms I use Devlan Mud wash.