8. Februar 2019

TANKS The Modern Age:
The War Goes On

Today me and my mate Olli continued our "TANKS The Modern Age" campaign. For this second battle we changed sides, he went on with the US forces while I commanded a Soviet tank platoon. Since no reinforcements had arrived, we used platoons as in our first game.

The Soviets were advancing to the outskirts of the Bavarian town of Auerbach where the Americans waited for the enemy in defense position.

The Russians rushed forward while the Americans secured their positions at the border of Auerbach. Whose fate was it to win the battle ?

First blood was scored by the Americans, the brave crew of Alpha 66 destroyed one of the enemys T-64. But this did not stop the Soviet strike, in the next round the first M1 Abrams was destroyed.

The battle went on with heavy losses for the Americans, and finally, the only unit which was left for them was their artillery unit, more informations about this custom unit can be found in this post.
But in "TANKS The Modern Age" artillery units are very fragile without any armourpoints and only 3 lifepoints, so this unit was destroyed like it was made of glass.

While the victorious Soviet troops celebrated their victory over the Western aggressor, a mighty thunderstorm arrised. After a series of strange explosions a bright flash appeared and a whole tank platoon had suddenly disappeared.

Could it be that the USA continued their experiments on timetravelling after the tragic incidents in Philadelphia 1943?

The next match will be another civil war. The brave forces of Mother Russia are attacked by an unknown enemy with highly advanced machinery.

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