16. Mai 2018

More Works In Progress

Zvezda's 1:144 Ilyushin Il-2 Stormovik. I built it today, then it got it's base colors via airbrush. The lower part was masked with tape, the camouflage pattern was created with liquid masking solution. When I removed the tape, some parts of the color kept sticking on it, so I had to repaint some parts with a brush.
The next steps will be to paint the details followed by a coat of gloss coat to prepare it for decaling. The decals of both of the Zvezda planes are generic ´numbers and nationalsigns, not too bad and usable.

Zvezda's 1:144 Messerschmitt BF 109 F/2. This was built today too, but at the moment it got only primed and the lower hull was painted grey. I am still unclear how to paint the upper hull.

Two Plastic Soldier Company SD.Kfz. 251/D in 15mm scale. Both got nightfighting equipment. The left model got upgraded to the Sd.Kfz. 251/20 UHU with the Heer46 conversion parts. Since I did not like the driver's night vision piece I changed it with a matching piece from the Heer46 Panther night vision conversion pack. I also added a clear lense to the searchlight which is not on the pictures.
On the other halftrack I changed the closed doors to scratchbuilt open ones. 

I forgot to make pictures of Olli's stuff but I think soon he will upload some pictures in his own blog. Another successful building session for the Montagsmaler even when it is Wednesday.

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