14. Mai 2018

Revell 1:100
Bell AH-1G Cobra

A closer look at a kit which I got from the local toy store. I am trying to buy at least one modelkit from there each month and get most of the colors I use from there. I remember, almost 30 years ago when I made my very first modelling steps, this store had a very big assortment of so many model kits which impressed me much.
Now it is (literally) a small corner.

Their model railway department, my only local source for basing materials, closed two years ago. And my stocks are starting to run out. If they would discontinue their modelling sales, I would not get any Revell Aquacolors (which I prefer to use) locally, I would have to look for online sources or modelshops in other towns.
That is why I try to keep their modelling section "alive". Support your local modelstores.

I could not find pictures of this kit in its unbuilt stage on a quick Google search that's the reason for me making some pictures of it. First of all, this is no review but the pictures may help other modellers

These two sprues belong to Revell's AH-1G Cobra modelkit. As I an absolutely no expert in helicopters I can not say anything about its accuracy, but the sprues almost have no flash but some hidden but viewable ejector marks. On the body where you attach the skids are minor sinkhole effects, as on the weapon wings.

The clear part for the cockpit is at least one millimeter thick and distorts the view. Since there is no crew I decided to paint it from the inside with some kind of blue when I will build it.

The decals, printed in the usual high quality of Revell, offer only one option, the helicopter from the box top, a Cobra located in Bien Hoa, South Vietnam in 1967.


At the moment I am enjoying  the first day of my (home) vacation, and I just finished a miniature which I will show with it's companions later this evening

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