26. Juni 2018

Faces Of War (4)

Some more pictures my grandfather made while he was taking part in the African campain during ww2. I even did not went too school, when my he died, so I never had the chance to ask him about that time. It would have been very interesting what his story was.

I don't know if I wrote that before, but the pictures were hidden for some decades in a desk until my grandmother died and we cleaned her house.

Her wartime stories were very intense. When she told me about the struggle in the last days of the war to get from the region arround Munic, where she had to build planes for the regime, to her home in the region of Eiderstedt, I felt that some dark memories came back to daylight.

Seems like the last picture got lighted(exposed?) twice.
I am still not able to say where all these pictures were made except for the fact that the war happended in Northern Africa. I would have to get a map of Europe and the northern part of the African continent, then I could use the distances from this picture, draw some circles, and have a rough spot, where this signpost was standing. If I am not wrong this is called triangulation (?).

There are some pictures of monuments and special places, maybe one day I will identify some of the locations like this:

...by the way, I finished three more Amera ruins, there is only one ruin left to rework. This will be a bigger task, since it will be a mission related building and has to get additional rooms and structures.

In one of the earlier posts I wrote that I was almost finished with the figures. No, I am not.
The plan is first to play a small map with two minis per player, a fighter and a technician, to get them understand the basic rules. It will be a dungeon escape with different exits, these minis are painted and ready.

After the escape, and a pause, the several teams will unite with some squads, and then the "cooperative" game ends. From then, each player has to reach its goal on the streets of Sassnitz.
Squads for three players are finished but there are three more groups to do, roughly about 20 minis, today I started one of them, on the bench are the Siberian veterans on which I too a closer at some weeks before.

You are not allowed to copy or use this pictures without my written permission. Leave a comment in the newest posting in this blog if you want to use this pictures, and I will anwer you as soon as possible.

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