11. Februar 2019

Reaper Bones
WWW2 Style

(picture taken from the official product page)
It is getting weird. Last year at the Hamburg Tactica I bought an UFO from the Bones range of Reaper Miniatures. Reaper offers with their Bones sortiment a big range of miniatures for pretty low prices. The reason for this is that the miniatures are made from PVC. This means that the figures as also their details may be pretty soft.

The UFO was stashed away until I suddenly knew what I would do with it some weeks ago. With some modifications it would look like...
The first thing I did was to build 3 gunstations from plastic pearls and plastic rods, and they look ok for a spontanous project. I did not use the landing gear that was included and added a clear plastic rod for a flying base.
This thing was built and painted on a single afternoon.

When all glue was dried I went on with the paintjob, as you can see on the picture above I gave it a two color camouflage with hard edges on the upper side while the lower part was painted in turquoise, all done with Revell Aquacolor paints.
The decals were taken from the scrapbook as usual, I think the crosses came from a Zvezda kit while the yellow pieces came from the Meng Tiger I or II.

The flight stand is not final, also left to do is to build a base for this thing and then its ready for usage. You may already know for what I will use it, this will be totally ridicuolus, but you will have to wait for more infos and eventually some new custom cards until I write a post about it in 2 or 3 weeks.

In the meantime we are working for the weekend, and maybe the Montagsmalers will meet once more this week to continue their roguish projects. I hope I will find some time this week for one or two more posts, so many things to take a closer look at, but if I do not, you may stay ready for next week, I will try to make lots of pictures at the tactica just like last year.

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