17. Februar 2010

Buildings from foam-board

Check out this and the following parts of the tutorial videos of this youtube channel. I found it yesterday while I was looking for some tutorials with focus on modelling. One of my favorite video series on this channel was found quickly, it showed how to build simple ruins from foam board.

Today I went to my local hobby shop and bought some foam board, I paid for a piece of 50 x 70 centimeters, 3 mm thick, about 9 Euro what was cheaper than I tought. Then I had to help a friend of mine who is moving this week.

When I came home I started to build my first ruined building and I was surprised how fast the built was, it took less than 20 minutes, but I think that I will spend some more time on detailing.

Sideview one, everything was glued with PVA (white) glue.

Sideview two, the bullit holes were made with a needle.

A view of the inside with some figures

I am satisfied with this first try and I have to thank all the guys at the Australian online shop "Battlebunker" who made all these great videos which are a great inspiration for me.
Another homepage which I found some time ago features the building of foam board houses too.


easternfunker hat gesagt…

Those are looking very nice! I bought a lot of foamboard a couple of years back for similar ideas as yours - some ruined walls as well as a building or two - but haven't done anything yet.
Waiting to see how they look all painted and based!

Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for that. If I have enough time this weekend I will build some more ruins and buildings and start to paint them.

easternfunker hat gesagt…

I'll keep checking in, then! ^_^