19. Februar 2010

German Infantry in camouflage

The second post for tonight. These are pictures of my first attempts of painting figures. I painted them in the summer of last year. The figures are from the two Pegasus SS sets, the Hät machinegun team set and the Hät IG 18 infantry gun kit. The Panzerschreck bazooka comes form the "German Infantry" set of Hasegawa and was supplemented with a scratch built shield and a carrying belt.

I used Tamiya acrylic colors according to the instructions on the back of the first SS set of Pegasus, but I did not any shading or washing on it. The bases are from Games Workshop.
Some more detailed pictures of the IG18 gun can be found in my contribution on Hät's "Everything Toy Soldiers" website following this link.


GEM Team hat gesagt…

nice cammo. You have a man down on the 1st pic :)

easternfunker hat gesagt…

They are looking good! I think your camouflage scheme looks fine - I may have to rethink my own slightly.
I recognised some of the makes of some of the figures, too.

Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for that.
Hehe, yes man down because I was a little imprudently.