4. Februar 2010

German Leaders figures

And now for something completely different...

I got this sprue from ebay. It came with a big lot with other figures. I do not like them and but I wanted to find more informations about them.

The only hint that I had was some marking at the sprue (see picture below). Then I found this very interesting article about this figure set hidden in the features of the site. That gave me some informations but they did not know the manufacturer, too.
This Italian shop (scroll down) sells the labelled as HYTTY. But I always thought that HYTTY is a Russion produrer. I did not know that France belongs to Russia

I do not write more about this strange figures but to the conclusion I would like to quote PSR, because I think the same about this set.

"The argument goes that it is better to have poor figures than no figures, and there is some truth in that. Most of these subjects are unique to this set, and a skilled painter would be able to make more of them than did the sculptor. However for the majority of people this set, whatever it is actually called, is little more than a curiosity, and not worth adding to the collection unless you absolutely must have everything ever made."


GEM Team hat gesagt…

well I agree poor figures beats no figures at all. ;) Unless they are very very poor figures :)

Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

I've always listed these as Yeves Kervella, he was one of the first to ship out the figures from the East (LW, Odemars etc...) back at the turn of the 90's and was responsible for first sightings of these along with the other 'Nazi' set, the quite delicate set of Samurai and the early Persian sets.

He was also involved in early negotations with/to form HYTTY, and I would imagine he had this set made for him. The France marking is probably a red herring, as they would be made in the former Soviet Union and shiped to him as finished product.

Both this and the famous people from historym sets turn up in differant configurations, packs etc...

After Kervella, Peter Bergner at PB Toys was an early stockist, and he gave his a computer printed PB Toys label.

Captain hat gesagt…

Great new informations, thanks for them. I will ask Peter for it when I make my next order at him.

Anonym hat gesagt…

these are made by Odemars from France, now it is renamed as Ykreol

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Man,

the figures German Leaders are from the french manufacturer "YKREOL".