22. Februar 2010

Factory hall made of foam board

I finished my first foam board building just one moment before but now it is late and I am tired of this weekend that I will not write too much about the built. I hope the pictures are self-explainig.

Here is a step by step report of the built.

The tools I used.

All windows and doors are drawn in.

This is how it looks after I cut it all out.

The building glued on a base.
The edges were cut to give it a ruined look.

The first paint progress.

I forgot to work on the corners before I started to paint it.
The corners are made of matches, I filled the gaps with acrylic putty.

The building is finished.

I used grey as base color.

After that, my selfmade wash was used to give it an used touch.

I think it looks good. Tomorrow I will build the next buildings for my little "Papergrad".
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GEM Team hat gesagt…

looks very good. The build took much time? How long beginning to end?

Captain hat gesagt…

Thank you G.E.M. Team.
I think it took about 3,5 hours including several pauses.
To draw, cut and glue took about 30 to 45 minutes, the rest of the time was used for painting.
I am doing a second building like this (of 4 that I planned), I think that I will finish it under 2,5 hours.

easternfunker hat gesagt…

I agree with GEMK Team. Very nice work! I really should do something with all the foamboard I have sitting around.