14. Februar 2010

Work in progress: Soviet rifle company

After a crazy weekend I found some time to continue the work on my Soviet WW2 army. Following this link which shows the structure of a rifle company I build up my first rifle company. It contains Soviet figures from Airfix, ESCI/Italeri, Revell, Mars and Pegasus.

For the heavy MG squad I have two choices, a squad with 3 Maxim machine guns or 3
12,7mm DSchK machine guns. I made pictures of them but they will be posted in the future. A first older picture can be found here.

The squad leaders got new heads from the Pegasus Soviets. All figures are fromRevell except the last one which is from Airfix.

Pegasus Soviets with new heads from Italeri and Revell Soviets. The second figure in the row is from Airfix and got a new head from Pegasus and a gun from an Italeri figure.

I re-based my 80 mm mortar figures. All mortars were seperated from the figure, it gives me a little more flexibility, because I still do not know which wargame rules I will play. The mortar on the right comes from Airfix, seems like it shall be a heavy 120 mm mortar.

There is still a lot of work to do, I counted all figures and I will have to paint a lot of figures. And not to forget the Soviet figures from the Toy Soldier Company which will appear on the market in the end of march. And then I have some Revell Winter Soviets, that need basing and some paint.

By the way, the first soviet hardware has arrived (greetings to the Dragon's Cave Shop). These Pegasus T34/85 are fine models with nice details and a fair price.


Geordie an Exiled FoG hat gesagt…

Nice bit of head swapping

It really works

Good work with the uniform shading


Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for that.
For some more cool figure modifications check out the blog of Garage Exclusive Models at http://garageexclusivemodels.blogspot.com/