28. Februar 2010

Del Prado Leopard 2 A5 color comparison

In my last post I wrote that the green color used on the Del Prado Leopard is too bright. Today I made some photos of real Bundeswehr equipment to show that this is true.
On the left side of the picture you can see the model, on the right you can see a Bundeswehr transporter. You can see, the colors that Del Prado used are not authentic, they are way brighter than the
colors that are used on the real model.

By the way I got today my first two books about the Eastern front of WW2 at the monthly fleamarket. They include a lot of pictures and some informations, I did not have the time to check the text, I just watched the pictures in it.

When I have read them I will write something about the books. I bought the following books today:

Guido Knopp "Der verdammte Krieg / Das Unternehmen Barbarossa"
ISBN 3-570-01229-8 for 3,5 Euro and

Laurence Rees "Hitlers Krieg im Osten"
ISBN 3-453-17289-2 for 4,5 Euro

But now I have to recover my strengh, today I had a lot efford. Maybe I will post later in the evening something more, but at the moment I just want to get off my wet clothes, eat something and just chill out a little.


I found out where Lost & Found Records got the covers of some their bootlegs they released in the early ninties, check out the following picture comparing my "Siege" CD (I own this great CD for almost 20 years now) with a picture from the G.Knopp book.


Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

While the green is far too pale, the brown and Charcoal follow the rule that one should paint miniatures, a paler shade than the real thing. If you go some actual paint from a freindly Bundeswher Tank-painter (very important job!) and painted a 1:76 model with it, it would 'look' too dark. While DP have gone too light, a grey wash and a bit of weathering should do the trick?!!

East-front memoirs I would recomend are 'The Forgotten Soldier' by Guy Sejure which was a massif best-seller in the '70's, and 'Through Hell For Hitler' by Henry Mettlemann (think that's how you spell his name?), which is more recent.

Captain hat gesagt…

Good tip with the grey wash, I think I will try it when I have some too dark models. I think on the "On the way" website is a good article about the scale effect.
Thanks for the suggested books, I will look if I can find a German translation of them. I read a little on the first book but it's focus in mainly on the political aspects.