8. Februar 2010

Figures of the Buck Rogers Board game

I found this game at the flea market one week ago, and I bought it only because it contains a lot of figures. The price was 4 Euros. The basic rules in German were included too, maybe I will make a game if find 5 other players.

After I came home the first thing to do was counting all parts to see which parts are missing. It was not complete, but there were only 3 little parts that were missing: 2 of the hero figures and one planet marker were not there. But this is no big problem, I think that I can replace theses parts.

The four remaining hero figures

The Gennie Troopers (48 figures in 6 different colors)

The normal Trooper (120 figures in 6 different colors)

Additional informations about this game can be found at the website "The board game geek" following this link.

This last picture shows a size comparison between the board game figures and some other 1:72 figures.
From left to right: Revell German Paratrooper, Buck Roger Gennie trooper (same size as the heroes), Caesar Handschar, Buck Rogers normal trooper, Airfix Afrikakorps, Esci German Paratrooper.


EY hat gesagt…

Are these figures 1/72 scale?

Captain hat gesagt…

Ups, I forgot that. The smaller of them are nearly 1:72, the gennie trooper are bigger. I added a picture with some other figures to compare the sizes.