23. Februar 2010

Soviet officer conversion

Two weeks ago I asked my readers for some help and I am glad to say that I got it. The postman brought me today a letter full of the needed figures.

I have to send out a BIG CHEERS to Hugh from the UK who helped me out with some dimestore figures. Please take a look to
his interesting blog about his toy figure collection.

I needed them to strenghen my soviet mortar groups which lacked of officers.

These figures were used to build a kneeling officer with binoculars:
- a cheap Airfix clone soldier with binoculars (upper body),

- the kneeling gunner from the Airfix WW2 Soviet set (lower body), and

- the stupid runner of the ESCI/Italeri WW2 Soviet set (gun and spare magazine).

Sorry about that but I think the ESCI figure is one of the most useless figures that I have, beside the dull ESCI German paratroopers set.

New figure front view

New figure rear view

There is still some flash on the figure but I think I will keep it because it is nearly invisible at this scale. Eventually I will add some more equipment to the figure, I have some sprues of Preiser's German equipment. I have to build 5 more of these figures, then I have all figures I need and I can start with painting at the weekend.
I hope I can animate a frient of mine to help me with painting, he told me that he thinks he can't paint figures in this scale, but I was thinking that too before I made my first tries.

Thank you Hugh, your were a great help for me :D .

Small update picture:


GEM Team hat gesagt…

very nice gr8 convertion

Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

It was a pleasure - Happy to help

I always think that Esci pose is trying to push an elephant through a window!

MiniatureZone hat gesagt…

That's a really clever conversion, I'm looking forward to seeing him painted.

easternfunker hat gesagt…

I need to do more of this myself. Did you cut them in half with a scalpel or with a heated blade?

Captain hat gesagt…

Thanks for all of your positive comments.
I added a new picture of all six figures I needed.

@ Maverick
LOL, pushing an elephant.

@ Easternfunker
I cutted them all with a very sharp scalpell, I think that you won't need a heated blade.

easternfunker hat gesagt…

OK, I can get plenty of access to hospital scalpel blades, that's great.
I remember reading somewhere abojut adding a scalpel blade to a soldering iron in order to to better cut and convert plastic figures - I'm glad that you don't think it's necessary!