19. Februar 2010

Hen Long RC Tiger minus RC

Remember this post with my Hen Long RC Tigers ?

I wanted to start a little tank battle with a friend, but I had to determine that only one of them functioned, all other Tigers did not work. That sucked. So I made my thoughts how I could recycle them.

The first step was to open them and take out all electronics and gears. Then I used Milliput to close all holes of the leds and switches. After the Milliput was hardened I used a hobby knife and some sanding paper to smooth the surfaces. I took some little plastic pieces for detailing the hatches. The next step was to clean all roadwheels from excess plastic (hm, sometimes I wonder about my English), what took a little more time than I tought.

After glueing all parts together I started with the paint. The base color is GW Codex Grey (#61-52) darkened with black, a fresh pot of grey plus 4 or 5 ml Black, that gave me a fine dark grey. Then came a wash with some selfmixed black ink. The drybrushing was done with Hobbyline Grey (#27) and then I painted some details as the ropes and tools, all with different GW colors.

There are only a few things to do, the tracks will get some color, all tanks will get some decals, and last but not least I have to seal the paint with matte varnish. A friend suggested to give them a winter camo, maybe I will do this.


Geordie an Exiled FoG hat gesagt…

Not bad

Your Dark Grey puts them in 1942 mode

Other than that as good as or better than many a pure plastic model kit

Captain hat gesagt…

Thank you.
Hm, yes I know that the are in 1942 mode. I decided to give them a winter camo scheme to bring a little alternation to the rest of my tank fleet. But I am waiting for the decals I ordered before I continue the work on them.
At this moment my focus is on my soviets, the Tigers are "only" a lock-up.