11. Februar 2010

Help needed

My last Soviet reinforcements have arrived. Only the Pegasus Summer Infantry is still on its way, I hope they will arrive tomorrow. If they are here, I will start to build up and paint my first big bunch of figuren. A lot of conversions are or will be done, you can find some first pictures of my Soviet troops in this and this post.

But now I have a little problem. I need some cheap Hong Kong figures that I can't get here in any shop. I went from shop to shop but I did not get them. So maybe some of my readers can help me.

I am searching cheap Hong Kong copies of old Airfix "Russian Infantry" figures. Airfix produced them in 1:32 but they never came out in 1:72. Some of the poses appeared in the "Red guards" set of ESCI but this is a long time out of sale.

I need one pack of cheap Russians or at least 10 to 15 guys with binocular from this set, maybe some German reader can help me, I would be responsible for the costs. The figures are needed for conversations like
this one (the figure in the middle).

The figures are sold in packages like this one.

I need 10 - 15 of this figures.

If you think that you can help me, please send an email to ww2modelzone(at)hotmail(dot)com, maybe I have figures or stuff that can help you. Or someone can send me a link to some shop, but only German shops please.


Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

I can probably help, but to give you the number you need - they would have to be the larger ones (25mm?) rather than the smaller (22/23mm) airfix sized ones? I can't tell from the photo which yours are.

Do they have hollowed out bases, or smooth bases? Do they have a marking?

I have the other poses as well including lying MG gunner with drum-magazine, but the quality tends toward the 'qwarch'!!

GEM Team hat gesagt…

Good luck on your quest. I do Have Russian Inf. from Airfix but I belive that is the common 1/72. So I cannot help you.:(

Captain hat gesagt…

Great to read that. I need only some guys with binoculars. I would like to get some figures from you. I mean the 25 mm figures with smooth flat bases and without marking. Zhe color was red/brown when I saw them the last time. Please send an email to ww2modelzone at hotmail com, so I can offer you something fine for them.

No problem, maybe Maverick can help me. But thanks pal.

Maverick Collecting hat gesagt…

They're the common ones, I've got lots, I'll probably do you a couple of green ones as well, I'll eMail.

Captain hat gesagt…

Yeah, please do it. That would be great.